Heartland Pro Bono Council
quote from Justice Lewis Powell, Jr., U.S. Supreme Court

Welcome to the Heartland Pro Bono Council

Heartland Pro Bono Council ("Heartland") recruits and trains attorneys to represent low income people who have a civil legal matter in Marion County, Indiana.


If you are in need of free legal help and you live in Indianapolis (Marion County) Heartland can help you find resources to help you with your civil legal matter or place you with one of our volunteer attorneys. First you must meet the income guidelines for free legal help. Click here for more resource assistance.


If you are an attorney, we provide support and training opportunities that allow you to volunteer your services to low-income families in civil legal cases.


If you would like to volunteer on a family law case and are concerned because this is not your primary area of practice, Heartland can match you with attorneys who primarily practice in family law who can serve as a mentor to help you with common questions related to family law.